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From The Hip #1 – 11 Feb 2017, London (Stratford, King’s Cross, Marylebone, Baker Street)

From The Hip is a series I started, almost accidentally, when I had a spare rainy afternoon in London to kill. I strapped a 35mm Prime lens onto my DSLR, and wandered out into the rain. This was maybe a year or so ago, probably more; I find that time in London speeds up and slows down of its own accord, oblivious to the confusion of its inhabitants. Since then, I’ve done a few more shoots, and had yet to share any of the photos.

The general premise of From The Hip is to take photos without using the viewfinder – shooting ‘from the hip’ – but includes a few other criteria; when you actively set out to take ‘bad’ photos, I found it best to adopt an ‘all or nothing’ mentality. I set the ISO to 3200+ not only to reduce the shutter speed but to achieve the kind of grain you’d see in vintage 35mm film prints blown up too large.

I set my camera to black-and-white capture and used a 35mm prime lens with a red filter for added contrast. Occasionally, I even set the camera to full manual mode and guessed the shutter speed and aperture size. I vaguely considered switching to manual focus too, but without being able to see the focus meter in the viewfinder, I decided against it. If the photos were already going to be black-and-white, grainy, underexposed, and too sharp, they could at least be in focus.

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